Groundhog Day is coming soon (Feb. 2). For many, his prognostication will either bring hope or despair.  Personally, I put no confidence in a custom originated by man about a rodent who has prophetic abilities concerning the weather.  However, according to the lore, if Phil sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter weather (if he does not see his shadow an early spring will come in only 42 days).  I’m so tired of winter weather that if Phil sees his shadow I’ll… I’ll … I’ll do nothing.  There is nothing I can do to change the weather; it is under the sovereign control of the Creator of the universe.

We often become stressed about things in life that we cannot control and miss the peace in trusting in a God who is sovereign over it. Here are a few examples:

PEOPLE- We often worry how people will react to us. If I become a witness of God’s salvation, what will people think of me? Solomon says that the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord and that He can cause anyone to change direction at His will (Prov. 21:1).

TIME- Will we have enough time to accomplish what we want to do is often what causes us to worry. In Joshua 10:12-13, God made the sun and the moon stand still so the Jews could defeat their enemies before the time of day ran out.

ANIMALS- "I be a missionary if i wasn't afraid that a big snake would eat me alive." While we call some animals "domesticated" and some "wild", the truth is all are under the sovereignty of God. In Daniel 6:22, God shut the mouths of the King of the beasts so that Daniel would not be harmed. No need to worry about the snakes.

PLANTS- How will the garden grow with all the weeds, or what will pesticides do to the fruit we eat. God is sovereign over plants too (Matthew 21:19).

THE EARTH- "I might move to California but they have earthquakes," some say. Guess who is charge of the earthquakes (Numbers 16:30-31).

SICKNESS- I would work in a hospital but I am afraid I would get sick all the time. Yes, God is sovereign over that too (John 4:50).

MONEY- I'd tithe but who can afford to. Every Christian who desires to walk in the will of God can. God is sovereign over our finances (Matthew 17:27).

DEATH- "Following Jesus could be the death of me" some say. I say, "So?" It is better to die in the will of God than to live outside of it. Besides, God is sovereign over death also (John 11:43) No one will die before their time.

There is a tension between the sovereignty of God and the will of man. When in balance, man can rest in peace that God will do all that is necessary that His will is accomplished in the believer and therefore man can give his all for its accomplishment.  So while I might not look forward to a few more days of winter, I will rest in promise of a coming spring and God’s enablement to do whatever is in His will today.  For even if the weather is unfavourable, He controls it (Matthew 8:24-26).

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