Carol Reiner is the Pastor's wife and is the Salina Bible Church Secretary where she is an essential element in the smooth functioning of the church.

Carol typically runs the church office, creates worship bulletins, stocks biblical materials, handles the administrative responsibilities and provides a wide range of support to the pastor and his staff. She is often the first person visitors and newcomers come across at the church, whether by phone or in person, and is therefore an important part of the church's public image and outreach.

Carol has successfully and effectively performed a wide range of office-related duties, such as ordering supplies, managing the church schedule, maintaining files and handling church correspondence, assists with scheduling maintenance personnel and deliveries plus she help with bookkeeping and accounting duties.

Who We Are:

The Salina Bible Church is an independent, Bible-teaching church, located approximately 6 miles south of Apollo, PA at the intersection of routes 819 and 981. Salina Bible Church is a member of the I.F.C.A. International (Independent Fundamental Churches of America).

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(724) 697-5357

Mailing Address:
       Box 275
       Salina, PA 15680

Physical Location:

4132 Route 819
Avonmore, PA 15618

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