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New Testament

New Testament books were written about Jesus, and what it means to follow him.


GOSPEL BIBLE ICONS - These books tell the story of Jesus’ baptism, miracles, death, and resurrection.

PAULINE EPISTLES BIBLE ICONS - These letters were written by the apostle Paul to churches and pastors.

GENERAL EPISTLES BIBLE ICONS - These letters were (for the most part) written to broader audiences . . . and not by Paul.

REVELATION BIBLE ICON - Revelation is the resolution of all things: the kingdom of God is once again physically and literally restored to earth. The dead are raised. The final judgments are rendered. And all things are made new.


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1 Previous New Testament Message - Follow The Leader New Testament 1 Corinthians 4:9-21 Pastor Paul M. Reiner 2017-05-14 36:48 New Testament


Author: Matthew
This is an account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, focusing on Jesus’ role as the true king of the Jews.


Author: John Mark
This brief account of Jesus’ earthly ministry highlights Jesus’ authority and servanthood.


Author: Luke
Luke writes the most thorough account of Jesus’ life, pulling together eyewitness testimonies to tell the full story of Jesus.


Author: Paul
Paul writes a disciplinary letter to a fractured church in Corinth, and answers some questions that they’ve had about how Christians should behave.


Author: Paul
Paul hears that the Galatian churches have been lead to think that salvation comes from the law of Moses, and writes a (rather heated) letter telling them where the false teachers have it wrong.


Author: Paul
Paul writes to the church at Ephesus about how to walk in grace, peace, and love.


Author: Paul
Paul has heard a good report on the church at Thessalonica, and encourages them to “excel still more” in faith, hope, and love.


Author: Paul
Paul is nearing the end of his life, and encourages Timothy to continue preaching the word.


Author: Paul
Paul advises Titus on how to lead orderly, counter-cultural churches on the island of Crete.


Author: Philemon
Paul strongly recommends that Philemon accept his runaway slave as a brother, not a slave.


Author: Unknown
A letter encouraging Christians to cling to Christ despite persecution, because he is greater.


Author: Peter
Peter writes a letter reminding Christians about the truth of Jesus, and warning them that false teachers will come.


Author: John
John sees visions of things that have been, things that are, and things that are yet to come.


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