I have often thought about what I would do if the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Prize Mobile showed up in front of my house and the driver rang the doorbell.

Yesterday I finished a project that I began back in January of this year. I have been doing a theological study of spiritual gifts and compiling my thoughts on the subject in book form.

There are a number of sayings that are popularly used that, if examined biblically, should be put out of our vocabulary. For example, the phrase “knock on wood,” is often used when someone is hoping for something either to occur or not to occur.

Carol & I were privileged to have attended a Bible prophecy conference over the past few days in Lancaster, PA. The title of the conference was Repairing Our World? with the emphasis on the “?”.

Many years ago my son, John, introduced me to the cartoon series Pinky & The Brain. A question that the Brain would ask Pinky each episode was the title of this THOUGHT...

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